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Our paperwork is simple yet specific so we can learn more about you and your health concerns.  It can be downloaded here which will save you 10-15 min on your first visit! 


You’re a whole person, and we will treat you like one.  We want to know your concerns and your GOALS.  We do a complete Health history in order to get to the root cause!


Our evaluation includes a complete neurological assessment with SPACE Certified, NASA published technology.  This shows us how the Nervous System is Functioning, detecting the root cause!


We have a Digital X-ray Suite on-site.  In the case that X-rays are necessary, we have that available and affordable.

“To see is to know, not to see is to guess!” 

We will never guess with your Health!



Dr. Dustin will always go over X-rays with you if they were taken.  He will also go over your specific recommendations for care and show you exactly what you can expect BEFORE being adjusted. 

Specific Scientific Adjustment

With Torque Release Technique (TRT) the analysis is focused on finding the PRIMARY misalignment attributing to the most tension and miscommunication within the Nervous System.  Once the misalignment is found, a very Gentle and Specific adjustment is delivered with NO twisting, cracking or popping.  This ensures correction only at the Source, not just the symptom.

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We know taking courageous action isn’t easy, but we can promise you it’s worth it…YOU’RE worth it.  Make your Appointment Today!  We would be blessed to serve you and your entire Family.

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