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I started going a couple years ago after meeting Dr. Dustin at an event. I was going for general health and have seen so much improvement that I didn’t know was possible. I’ve been able to manage stress better and also lift heavier in the gym. I also started bringing my son. He has seen improvements by no longer having accidents at night as well as during the day. Everyone should go see them and see how a chiropractor can impact your life. Also, everyone is super nice and friendly. It really does feel like your seeing family every time you visit.


Vital Performance Patient

There’s so much I can say here on how amazing Dustin and his staff is that I could write a book. Let’s just say that it’s been 10 years since I have felt anything close to being normal with my body. I suffered from extreme nerve pain from my shoulder to my lower back. Went to multiple doctors, went to therapy, had tests ran, MRI’s and lots of pain medications. I literally lost jobs due to my pain because I couldn’t keep up anymore. I’ve been going to Vital Chiropractic for 2 months now and I can say I am almost 100% healed. It’s jaw dropping really. I wish I can say more but the main thing is I barely have any pain anymore and I can finally do the things I haven’t been able to do in over ten years. This place truly heals you and I recommend it to everyone. Thank you to their staff for being like family.


Vital Performance Patient