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Correction at the source with gentle, specific, scientific, adjustments

We are a full Family care facility. We see babies from minutes old to those with experience of 90+ years. Health is always better when it is shared with the entire Family! Let us restore and maintain your Family’s Health!

Dr. Dustin is Webster Certified through the ICPA to care specifically for Pregnant women. It is shown to decrease labor time by 60% !

Momma’s Nervous System is the Baby’s WHOLE WORLD!

We know Healthy kids grow up to be Healthy adults. The Immune System and developmental process is driven by the Nervous System. Let’s keep this growing generation healthy upon entry!

With our gentle technique and specificity of our adjustments, we are able to safely adjust those with the most life experience. This helps with Balance, Coordination, Immune Function, and overall Quality of Life!


We take care of all kinds of athletes. Research shows an increase in coordination and reaction time, but MOST importantly, Injury Prevention. We only get one body, lets Prehab not Rehab and optimize Performance!


No matter the injury Chiropractic CAN HELP! We see patients POST surgery and even those trying to avoid it. Our technique being so gentle gives us that capability, while getting the most Neurological Correction!

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Whether you’re experiencing pain, disease or you simply want to take control & be proactive about your health, Dr. Dustin and our team are here to serve you and your entire family

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