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Dr. Dustin Bosson


Dr. Dustin Bosson grew up in the wonderful small town of Cuba, MO. Growing up he was an avid athlete and enjoyed many days on the near by lakes and rivers fishing, or observing wildlife in the woods. At 17, a football injury brought Dr. Dustin to Chiropractic. It was then he was educated on the principle of Chiropractic and that aches and pains are a concern, but it is the overall FUNCTION of the body Chiropractic was founded on. This sparked his analytical mind and provided clarity on where true health comes from…from the inside out, not outside in. From this time on Dr. Dustin knew he wanted to be a Chiropractor.

He went on to graduate from Cuba High School, completed his undergraduate studies right here, locally at Lindenwood University, and received his Bachelors degree in Life Sciences as well as Doctorate of Chiropractic at Logan University in Chesterfield, MO.

Erika Bosson

Office Manager

Dr. Dustin and Erika met in college at Lindenwood University. They continued to build their relationship and Faith together which led to being married in June of 2016. They feel they are truly blessed to have the opportunity to reach out and impact their community in so many ways inside and outside of the office.

Erika received her BFA degree in dance from Lindenwood in the Spring of 2015. You will catch Erika dancing all over St. Louis. This includes down the street and possibly at the grocery store. She is the head dance coach at St. Dominic HS and also an instructor at Fusion Dance Center in St. Peters. She is committed to helping the kids of the community dance through life and express themselves through amazing choreography and routines. Her other hobbies include dance, dance, and dance. When she is not dancing she enjoys spending time with her dogs Trixie and Rexxx in Castlewood State Park, as well as quality time with family.

Hannah Kinney

Chiropractic Assistant

Hannah is a native St. Louisian growing up in North County.  Swimming is a passion that she has had throughout her childhood and took that passion for swimming into college where she was blessed to have swam for UMSL.  She graduated from USML with her bachelor’s in Social Work and a minor in Psychology. 

Hannah is currently pursuing her master’s Degree in Child Advocacy and Policy from Montclair State University. If you want to want to put a smile on Hannah’s face, hand her a dog leash with a cute pooch. Hannah loves to be outdoors and really enjoys hiking. She is passionate about being involved with her church and in the community serving others.

“I was thrilled to have found a place like Vital Performance Chiropractic.  I love the Mission here. It’s amazing to watch and help others heal naturally.  I believe I was put on this earth to inspire, support, and love people in any walk of life. I have a God given heart to serve people and my mission in life is to be God’s hand and feet. I am excited to see what God has in-store next for VPC as we forge on to making a big impact in the lives of people in our community!”

Nico Kettlekamp

Chiropractic Assistant

Nico was adopted from Romania when she was 5 and grew up right here in St. Louis. Her and her sister played outside every day no matter the weather, which explains her love for the outdoors! Sports were always a big part of her life, but Soccer is her definite favorite. FOOD!!! All the food, some of the food, don’t leave it unattended…especially dark chocolate. In her down time, reading and playing guitar are her hobbies of choice. She has a huge heart for dogs and kiddos, but most impressive is her desire to LEARN! – “I will never stop learning!”

Nico’s Chiropractic Story:
Before stepping foot into Vital Performance Chiropractic, I was unaware of the structure of my spine and the scoliosis I had been living with. Finding out that this has correlation to some of the more functional health concerns I have had gave me answers, and most importantly HOPE! After a month of care, I noticed my back pain was reduced, and was starting to see a change in function this I would have never imagined! I look forward to seeing correction in my structure and my body healing as God originally designed. I love that is now my duty to share this kind of hope and healing with my community.

Christine Martin

Chiropractic Assistant / Outreach Coordinator

Christine was born in Miami FL and grew up in Northwest Arkansas.  She pursued her post high school studies at Arkansas Tech University and Columbia International University.

Christine is all about anything outdoors, and nature related.  She loves spending her time wandering in nature and enjoying what God has given us in the beautiful outdoors of His world. When not blending in with her natural habitat, Christine enjoys spending time with her team members here at Vital Performance Chiropractic and connecting with the local community and our Practice Members on their journey of Health and Healing.  When at home she spends a lot of her time with her “Adorable Conure” Loki while either consumed in a book, podcast, or crafting. 

Christine’s Chiropractic Story:
“I have been under a variety of chiropractic care “off and on” throughout my life but it wasn’t until I experienced specific chiropractic care as an adult that I began to experience the life changing power of this amazing science. I have scoliosis and was in chronic pain for the majority of my life. Daily Headaches, weekly migraines, constant burning muscle tightness throughout my entire neck and back were just a handful of my “normal” experience. I managed this by taking ibuprofen like it was candy and going to the chiropractor “when it really hurt”. This so-called treatment helped to temporarily alleviate these symptoms – but they always came back. Specific chiropractic care challenged my norm and my mindset about pain. My scoliosis has changed, my pain has improved immensely but more importantly I am functioning in a way that I never dreamed possible for me. I was limping along by the sick care model, now I am LIVING by real health care model. The body is designed to heal itself from the inside out. All we have to do, is get out of our own way!”

Amanda Kopp

Chiropractic Assistant

Amanda was born and raised in South Count right here in St. Louis and went to High School at Notre Dame. Most of her life and hobbies has revolved around her soccer schedule. Amanda is currently attending Maryville University where she is a part of the Women’s Soccer Team and current studying Physical Therapy. In the off season she enjoys spending time with family and friends whether in the area or down at Table Rock Lake.

I am so thrilled to be a part of such a hardworking, loving, and caring team. I have always been intrigued with how that body works. I have always been interested and mindful of my health and exercise. I also have a passion for helping and serving others around me. I am so blessed to be a part of an amazing team that is centered around Faith and serves such a wonderful community. It is a privilege working at Vital Performance Chiropractic and educating people on how the body works and helping people heal from the inside out.

Amanda’s Chiropractic Story:
“I didn’t know the importance or power of Chiropractic and relationship to the nervous system before I came to Vital Performance Chiropractic. I was battling foot numbness for over a year, where my feet would feel heavy and I couldn’t feel the ball at my feet. I was frustrated and wasn’t finding any solutions. After stepping foot in Vital Performance, I was taken back by the mission and power of Chiropractic that I experienced. I feel in love with the environment and the impact it had on my life and in my game. I decided I wanted to be dedicated to educating others in the community and aid in their journey in Health and Healing through Chiropractic.”

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